What to wear for a trip to Amsterdam in the Fall


We have to point out that Dutchies are very fashionable but compared to other Europeans, they prefer a casual style. We are talking of wearing jeans to work, boots or sneakers, and not going overboard while dressing for a night out. 


Amsterdam is the capital and the largest city in the Netherlands. Plus, it’s a tourist hub all year long. You’ll honestly be in a vibrant cultural hub with noteworthy museums like Rijksmuseum and Moco Museum. Not forgetting the historical canals, cannabis coffee shops, and red-light district. In short, wherever you choose to stay you’ll be in close proximity to major sites. 


In this guide, we cover what you need to pack to be in line with the unpredictable Amsterdam weather. To come up with a travel capsule wardrobe, you need to ALWAYS check the weather forecast before your visit. Whether you think all you’ll be doing is walking around Mark Rothko collection or using a taxi. 

Rain prep

We don’t have a specific rainy season but you can never go wrong with packing a waterproof jacket or an umbrella. The winds can be pretty strong so you may have an umbrella malfunction but fret not, there are numerous shops that sell cheap umbrellas. So a waterproof jacket is the safer bet. 

Shoes and clothing

Another must-have is good walking shoes. Whether you think you’ll be cycling, using the tram, or taxi, at some point, you’ll have to walk on the cobblestone street. Avoid heels and go with comfortable shoes that provide grip and slip-resistance. 


Now let’s get into the clothes. 


Blending in with the locals should be your goal. Try to stick to the common color scheme of tan, black, army green, and denim. In the city center, the popular style is vintage meets grunge. So pack mostly casual and dress it up with some key things. In short Seattle-ish with few holes on the clothes. 


For the Fall, locals gravitate towards warm clothes and boots. Be prepared for the rain and a bit of cold weather. You can include the following items:


  • Rain-ready sneakers or boots (Not your tired or old sneakers. We are talking of Pumas, Converse, or other fashionable shoes)

  • Gloves

  • 2 warm scarves (For both men and women, you can never go wrong with a scarf.)

  • Beanies/hats

  • Long sleeve shirts

  • T-shirts

  • Jeans, pants, or leggings

  • Cardigans, sweaters, or sweatshirts